Children’s Church

We have services that are designed just for kids. Whether your children are 2 years old or 5th graders, they will have fun, they will learn something, and they will be safe!

King’s Kids

Ages 5 to 11
Sundays at 9:30 am
Wednesdays after Praise and Worship (game night)

King’s Kids Jr’s

Ages 2 to 4
Sundays at 9:30 am
Wednesdays after Praise and worship (game night)

Little King’s Kids

Ages 0 to 2
Stay with parents in church. We have a Kiddie Korral just for our smallest Little King’s Kids .
We ask that parents please stay with your child in the Kiddie Korral.
King’s Kids and King’s Kids Jr’s was created to give our children their own time to praise, worship and learn on their level.

OUR VISION: to get children saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit, to train them up in the ways of the Lord, to help them learn about God so they can defeat satan and to teach them how to worship and praise God. We help kids know and love God through services that are jam packed with fun and high-tech multimedia that your children will love.

Before services, your children will enjoy playing games with their friends. During services, they will experience a high energy worship, media filled Bible Lessons, and hands-on activities that will help them learn the Word of God in a fun and exciting way.

King’s Kids Jr’s do praise and worship with the King’s Kids but as soon as games and worship are over they go with their teacher into their classroom to have fun, Bible study and do hands on activities that are geared for their level. We provide “restuarant buzzers” for parents of King’s Kids Jr’s. We buzz you during church service if at any time your child needs you.

Your child will have opportunities to learn many amazing and exciting things about our Heavenly Father. They will be taught the same Faith Principles that you will be learning in church. We believe that children need to be taught the baptism of the Holy Spirit, how to pray effectively, how to lay hands on the sick, how to lead a friend to Christ, and many other important aspects of their Christian walk. Please make sure your child is here every Sunday so they don’t miss out on the fun we are having learning about God.


Faith Academy Early learning Center
Open  7 AM  to  6 PM
for  ages 3 years old to kindergarten
after school care available for up to 6th grade
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