Ministry of Helps

The Helps Ministry is a practical aid and support of the vision of Silverado Cowboy Church. When you volunteer your time in our Helps Ministry you are ministering to others and helping to build His Church. There are many areas where your gifts are needed.

Door Greeters

Like to smile and make new friends? This is the place for you.  Greeters make everyone feel welcome, relaxed and more comfortable. Welcome everyone: new visitors, friends, and family alike. This includes but is not limited to warm greetings, assistance with doors, coats, directions to Sunday School classes or child care, sharing information about church activities, working with other ministries and a positive attitude while working with guests, visitors and members. Don’t limit it to Sunday Services, join the team and hit the outreaches as well.  Our greeters are on a rotating schedule, so finding a time that works for you is easy.

Event Planner

Like to plan and host events? We have the place for you.  Churches and events go hand in hand as we enjoy fellowshipping and gathering together. Effective planning makes these gatherings memorable. Put your skills to use planning the next outreach, event, program, camp, bible retreat etc. Work side by side with our staff to reach our church and surrounding communities.

Kitchen Coordinator

A wiz in the kitchen? You will love ours. Volunteer to help plan the next luncheon, bible study, or potluck. Help coordinate volunteers, menus, and shopping for services and events.

Kid’s Church Helpers

Like teaching little ones but not ready for class on your own? Come join us as a kid’s church helper. Sit with our young ones and participate in crafts or help them reach goals during our activities. Help prep lessons and gather supplies before Sunday Services.

Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

There are always things to do: from trimming trees to watering flowers. If you have a green thumb, this is for you. Volunteer to help with inside and outside projects around campus, coordinate cleanup days, recruit volunteers, and organize projects.

Arena Ministry

From hosting events to keeping up with the arena- there’s always a need for hands.  Volunteer for set up, activities, or tear down. Work side by side with our Ministry staff to plan and organize outreaches, gather volunteers and put together supplies.

Computer and Sound Team

Technology more your speed? Volunteer to run slides during services, work our live feed, or help run sound for events. Like video or photography?  Talk with our camera team about our internet and TV feeds.