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Reaching the Western and Rodeo World for Christ. Our Number Two goal is to provide  information about Cowboy Church Ministries and our mission. The mission statement that God has given us here at the ministry is this ‘Cowboy Church Ministries training people to be leaders in Life thru Discipleship’  Now that I have told our Number Two Goal, let me tell our First and Main Goal. That you will come to know our Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and that He wants to be your Best Friend. There is a lot of information and teaching in the pages to follow. This information is to help you find answers from the Word of Life so that you live Victorious and as “More Than a Conquer”, just as is God’s Plan for Our Lives. Cowboy Church Ministries is the primary Outreach Ministries of Silverado Cowboy Church.


This is the World Wide part of Cowboy Church Ministries. I other countries they do not know what a Cowboy is and it became clear that as we go into other Nations we must be know as something that was easily identifiable.  David Simmons Worldwide Ministry Has become the next leave of outreach from Silverado Cowboy Church and is dedicated to serving and ministering to people all over the world in their own environment. Dr. David & Kathleen Simmons are both ordained with Heritage of Faith Ministerial Association with the founder Dr. Jerry Savelle. Dr. David and Kathleen Simmons are Apostles that have started many churches and ministries all around the world and are asked to speak in conferences in many countries to disciple ministers.

The mission statement that the Lord has given us at David Simmons Worldwide Ministry is “Training People To Be Leaders in Life Through Discipleship”just as every facet of ministry from Silverado Cowboy Church there is a connection with the same mission statement. We at DSWM endeavor to fulfill this mission statement in all that we do. Kathleen and David have pioneered many churches as well as have and are currently training people to do ministry all over the world. David as associate pastor of a southern baptist church, at 21 years old was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He has become a teacher on the Holy Spirit and His move in the world today as well as the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We travel and do Holy Ghost and Healing Meetings all over the World. It is our goal to see the body of Christ set free and operate in the fullness of faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit today.


Rev. Bud & Lena Nunley

Are one of the newest outreach ministries from Silverado Cowboy Church and have become a vital part of the ministries connected with us. They as every ministry that travels out of this Church carry the mission statement and meet people in their own environment. Bud says ‘Where ever you are in life, we all have the same background “sin”. It does not matter if we are at the Great American Speedway  or local dirt track,  pasture buck outs. People don’t  leave their problems  at home. We as minister’s of the Word of God it is our duty to do so in love.’

jlnministries was born with the calling to go into all the world preach the whole Gospel of Christ making disciples of them. Preaching the Word of Faith in Christ Jesus gives us the path to say “All is well and I’m going to dwell on everything good.” Amen

Joshua 24:15




One of the Ministries we as a church support is in Israel;




Every 29 hours a desperately ill child from a developing country is saved in the pediatric cardiac surgical unit of the Save a Child’s Heart medical facilities in Israel or during one of our medical missions to a developing country. Thousands of children from poor families around the world are alive today because of a small group of medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to perform cardiac surgery and train medical personnel.

SACH saves children with congenital heart defects who have almost no chance of surviving to adulthood in their native countries, and saves their lives with no political, cultural, religious, or racial preference whatsoever. Based in Israel, our mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from countries where the heart surgery they need is unobtainable.

Save A Child’s Heart also works to multiply the effectiveness of its resources outside of Israel by training medical personnel from developing countries. The ultimate goal of SACH is actually to create “Centers of Competence” around the world, which will enable local medical personnel to provide these life saving services on their own. This is a full outreach training program that brings doctors and nurses to the SACH center for in-depth, post graduate training; it also sends staff overseas to provide this education to local medical professionals, as well as to perform surgeries side-by-side with them.

Until our ultimate goal is achieved, children with congenital heart defects will continue to be brought to Israel for surgery and other cardiac care. More than 4000 children frm more than fifty countries have already been saved directly by SACH personnel, while thousands more are receiving the life-saving treatments they need from local personnel who were previously trained by SACH. We have trained Tanzania’s first pediatric cardiac surgeon, and we are in the process of training Ethiopia’s first pediatric cardiac surgeon. We have begun construction of a new Children’s Hospital at the Wolfson Medical Center that will house the Middle East’s first international pediatric cardiac care center.