Pastor David, W.J. and Tim in Israel

Up close with W.J.

The names Wayne John but my friends call me W.J. I had very humble beginnings on a worm farm in Texas. As a matter of fact that’s the one word that best describes me to this day, humble. Sometimes I get all chocked up with the humility.

As a younger individual you might say I was the biggest heathen you ever saw, that is till the lord got a hold of me and straightened me out. After I accepted Jesus as my Saviour i went to the Pensacola Revival and furthering my already vast knowledge of the Word. Eventually as a wandering street minister I came back to Texas. Thats where I met Tim, if there ever was someone who needed Jesus it was him!! Fortunately for Tim the Lord put me in his path. We continued in much prayer and fasting (mostly on Tim’s part), until a door was opened by the Lord.

In the year of our Lord 2012 we got the opportunity to serve in a church in the children’s department, of course I handled it with my usual grace and humility, My apprentice Tim was coming along nicely although you couldn’t really say he had arrived yet, We continued in that position for a couple of years until the Lord told us to it was time to move along.

That’s about when we rolled on in to Silverado Cowboy Church. I figured on the Lord having me do the same things as I had done before, I Doubt I’ve ever been more mistaken! Not only was I going to work in the children’s department I was made associate pastor by the Chief. of course I felt obligated to allow Tim to remain with ┬áme even though he still wasn’t at my level. What can I say but was my humble Christian heart that allowed me to show such grace.

I know the Chief depends on me for many things. It was my honor and privilege to organize a trip to Israel to visit the children at Save A Child’s Heart. That right there was probably the biggest thrill of my life.

In conclusion I’d like to say it’s difficult to say just how blessed Silverado Cowboy Church is to have me, but with a humble heart I’m willing to help them figure it out.

A humble servant of God,